Leadership and Management Empowerment

IMG 2113IHOPE is walking alongside leaders and empowering them to stand firm in their callings to ministry and continue be

effective in reaching out to their own communities. We surely believe that ongoing learning, connecting and joining

hands with other churches in the body of Christ will make a church become strong, unshakable and result with

great divine influence as where there is unity, God commands the blessing.


A. Leadership and Management Training

On a regular basis, our network churches have come to receive pastoral leadership and training on particular subjects

that are considered as most needed amongst leaders of churches; for instance, Godly marriage, fruitful ministry,

biblical principles, and church administration...etc. These helps strengthen, encourage and build up the capacity

of leaders to remain productive and strong.


B. Pastoral Prayer Movement

As IHOPE, we believe in the power of prayer to bring intervention and change through the hand of God. So, through our provincial church development committees

(PCDC), all churches both within and outside of the network are invited to be involved in prayer movement meetings regularly. Through these meetings, they can

work together and pray for whatever needs they have and for the problems happening in different regions, the whole country and the world. Also, they can build

up one another by sharing words of encouragement, worship and prayer.


C. Church Visit and Relationship Building

Churches have been regularly visited by staff and our PCDCs to learn more about their needs and see how they can help. Most importantly, they take the time to

pray for them and improve relationship. Furthermore, between IHOPE and PCDC, we have regular meetings with provincial church development committees to build

up relationship, share our heart, passion and vision together. More importantly, we want to also learn their needs, challenges and pray for one another.