Community Safety

IMG 9163Children are the most vulnerable group of people in a community. They are weak and naive, making them easy targets

to be trafficked, abused and exploited. Because of the lack of understanding and awareness of these issues by

communities and children’s families or guardians, children are at high risk. We, as IHOPE, seek to bring change

to their circumstances and restore their dignity and value by raising community awareness and knowledge on

social issues such as illegal migration, influence of drug abuse, good parenting, human trafficking and other

community prevention/protection. Local churches will play an active and important role in running the community

education on these problems, so ultimately children will benefit from it the most.


A. Community Education Training of Trainer

Community education trainers are the ones who have been selected from community leaders to receive community

prevention and protection training in issues which include safe migration, the influence of drug abuse, good parenting

techniques and human trafficking.  After receiving training, and with the provision of teaching tools, they are empowered to pass on what they have learnt and

educate people in the community, targeting identified at risk children’s families. As a result, these people in the community will be aware as to how to stay safe

and protected.  


B. Community Education Teaching

Community education teaching classes will be conducted within target communities or churches. This would be ongoing classes conducted by local churches

on different areas of community prevention and protection such as good parenting and safe migration. To have community churches play this important role, it

makes them engage community more closely, and become a channel of Christ’s love and his witness, and a chance to speak up for the unheard.