Growing Children’s Faith

12345We strongly believe that churches need to value and purposely invest in the younger generation as children

are the future leaders for our nation and are powerful and great warriors in God’s kingdom. We believe that

when children are given the right foundation of faith, they will not deter from it, and will fulfill the call of God

on their life. As children are equipped and their faith is strengthened, they will become a generation bringing

hope and transformation to families, communities, the body of Christ and the nation.


A. Sunday School Teacher Training

If churches are to stay strong and continue to grow, they must prioritize children’s ministry, so that children

are raised up and take on leadership roles.

Children’s ministry leaders are playing an important and integral role by reaching out to them and equipping

them, which will positively impact the children’s lives and faith for the years ahead. Sunday School teacher

training equips teachers to improve the way they teach and lead children, it also helps to build connection and relationship between individual provincial

Sunday School teachers of churches, to share resources, and finally and most importantly to encourage and strengthen one another.

The outcome of this is that the Sunday School teachers will remain strong and passionately serve their children’s ministry.

B. Prayer Empowerment For Children

    1. Children’s Prayer Groups

        Children in individual churches participate in small group meetings with other children to praise, worship, study the bible and pray.

        These meetings would allow children to experience testimony of God’s power when he intervenes in their needs or problems.

    2. Children’s Prayer Gathering Events

        Children from many different churches in the area would gather for prayer. In these meetings, children would be able to raise their concerns and worries

        to God through prayer. They are also able to pray for their families and living situations, their education, safety and protection,   and for salvation for

        their family members or friends. Children would also have the opportunity to make new friends as they praise and worship God and  play fun

        activities together.